International Registration

International Registrants and Letters of Invitation

International registrants who require a letter of invitation in order to obtain a visa must fully complete the special registration form that will appear when the relevant box is checked on the registration page, pay the full registration fee for the conference, and the payment must be confirmed, before a letter of invitation will be sent to the visa section of the U.S. consulate in the city nearest their home.

Payment for international registrants requiring an invitation letter cannot be by credit card, because of the high frequency of credit card fraud in certain countries. Payment must be by Western Union unless you have attended the conference before.  To transfer money via Western Union, have it sent to Dr. Anna Shavers, Lincoln Nebraska, and then e-mail with the money transfer number.  When payment arrives, you will be registered and a confirmation sent to you. If you have attended the conference previously you may be able to pay by credit card but please email Dr. Anna Shavers before processing payment.

You should be aware that U.S. Consulates begin by assuming that a visa applicant intends to commit immigration fraud, and remain in the United States. It is the responsibility of the applicant to convince the U.S. Consular Office that he or she has a legitimate reason for a visa. Past visible and verifiable work in human trafficking may be convincing. An "interest" in human trafficking probably will not be convincing, and will result in a denial of the visa and the loss of the visa application fee. For this reason, the conference will ask you, upon registering, for evidence of past work in human trafficking that we can verify, and will not issue a letter of invitation if no such work can be verified via reliable sources. You may wish to visit the web page of the local U.S. Consulate to gather information on the procedures, criteria, and fees for obtaining a visa.

You will wish to complete the special registration form for those requiring a letter of registration, and wait for an assessment from the conference about whether we will be willing to issue a letter of invitation, before paying the registration fee. After the registration fee has been paid, we will not issue a refund, even if a visa is denied.

Because of the time required for payments, letters, and visas to be processed, international registrants requiring letters should register and pay the registration fee by July 1, 2017, in cash via Western Union. After that time, it is unlikely that payment can be confirmed/received, a letter of invitation processed, and a visa issued in time for the conference, and the conference will not accept your registration.

When you log onto the registration site, be sure to click on "I am an international registrant needing a letter of invitation to obtain a visa." You will be asked for the name of the organization you represent and the URL of their web site, a description of your previous work in human trafficking including reliable sources where it can be verified, and the city of the nearest U.S. Consulate to which you would like the letter of invitation sent, and your passport and country. Please have these ready when you register.

Once this has been completed fully, we will contact you with a statement of our willingness or unwillingness to issue a letter of invitation. Once we receive your full registration fee, we will issue the letter of invitation to you and the US Consular Office you specify.

The registration fee once paid through Western Union, cannot be refunded, even if you are denied a visa.