Human Trafficking

UNL Human Trafficking & Migration Initiative October 2020 Virtual Summit

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln's Forsythe Family Program on Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs (HRHA), along with other UNL and community partners, will host of a month of human rights activities to raise awareness of trafficking, focusing on labor trafficking. We invite UNL faculty, students, staff, and members of the community to participate. All events are free.

Program to be announced soon!
Some Of The Presenters:
Kevin Bales Rights Lab Research Director
Heriselda Begaj-Viotti Impact Campaigns Producer
Minh Dang Director of INSPIRE and the Survivor Alliance
Debra Anne Haaland First Native US Congresswoman
Fiona de Hoog Cius Researcher in Modern Slavery and Human Rights
Helen McCabe Rights Lab Assistant Professor in Political Theory
Glen Miles Researcher, Author, Speaker
Katarina Schwarz Researcher and Specialist in Antislavery Law and Policy
Juliana Semione Rights Lab PhD Student in Politics and International Relations
Ben Skinner Founder and President of Transparentem
Jessica Sparks Rights Lab Associate Director (Ecosystems and the Environment Program) and Assistant Professor of Antislavery Ecosystems
Helen Sworn Founder and international director of Chab Dai Coalition in Cambodia
Sriyani Tidball Advocate for peace, justice and human rights
Zoe Trodd Cultures, Languages and Area Studies
Ajai Vir Singh Author of ‘Garments Without Guilt’, Founder of the Responsible Fashion Movement

Featured movies at the Human Trafficking and Migration Initiative

About the film The Price of Free

Within the first hour you’re awake, chances are the coffee you drink, the phone you text with, or the shirt you put on may have been made (in part) with child labor. Around the world, more than 152 million children are victims of child labor. It’s a complex problem, but it’s one we can solve. The award-winning documentary The Price of Free shows the hidden faces of these children and introduces you to the man who’s committed his life to ensuring all children are free, Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi. With the help of a covert network of informants, Kailash and his dedicated team carry out daring raids to rescue and rehabilitate imprisoned children. Using hidden cameras and playing the role of buyers at the factory to gain access, we watch Kailash take on one of his most challenging missions to date: finding Sonu, a young boy trafficked to Delhi for work who has been missing for eight months.

About the Film Sisters Rising

Sisters Rising is the story of six Native American women reclaiming personal and tribal sovereignty in the face of ongoing sexual violence against Indigenous women in the United States. Dawn was in the Army, now she’s a tribal cop in the midst of the North Dakota oil boom. Sarah is an attorney working to overturn restrictions on tribal sovereignty. Patty teaches Indigenous women’s self-defense. Loreline & Lisa are grassroots advocates supporting fellow survivors. Chalsey is creating the first anti-sex tracking code introduced to a tribal court. 1 in 3 Native women reports having been raped during her lifetime. 86 percent of ofences are perpetrated by non-Native men. Sisters Rising is an urgent call to action, a gorgeous portrait of powerful women acting in solidarity, and a demand for tribal sovereignty and self-determination as the necessary step towards ending violence against Indigenous women.

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